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  • Pricing Products by Linear Foot or Square Foot - Math Forum - Ask ...

    What is the difference between linear foot and square footage? I have received two prices for an item: $1.67 per square foot or $19.67 per...

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  • Linear and Board Feet - Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math

    How can I calculate how many square feet are in a linear foot? ... Linear feet are used for the pricing of a single size such as two-by- fours.

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  • Linear Foot Vs. Square Foot | eHow

    In the construction and home decorating industries, both linear feet and square feet are used for ordering and pricing certain materials, such as flooring,...

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  • Online Conversion - converting lineal feet to square feet

    Hi, out there! I'm pricing wood for my porch and know the square feet (500). The pricing sometimes is given to me per lineal foot. How do I...

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  • Linear Feet to Square Feet Conversion Calculator - Trestlewood

    Trestlewood makes no representations or warranties whatsoever relative to the accuracy of this calculator (or any of its other calculators) and accepts no liability ...

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  • Release Liner Pricing Calculations - MPI Release LLC

    No matter the dimensions given you can compare prices by square feet, square inches and/or weight, square footage (or linear feet) in rolls of different diameters ...

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  • Converting Board Foot Pricing to Lineal Foot Pricing - Woodweb

    Apr 20, 2006 ... 96"x10"=960 square inches 960 divided by 144=6.6 brd ft 6.6 brd. ft. x $5.00 = $33.00 $33.00 divided by 8(8 feet)= approx $4.12 per lineal foot...

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  • How to Calculate Linear Feet: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    Find square feet from length and width. ... is sold by the square foot (rather than the linear foot).

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  • How Do You Convert A Square Feet Price To A Lineal Feet ... - Blurtit

    Are always sold in square measure. The material comes in various widths. Therefore, one linear foot of such material, if it came in 5-foot width, would be equal to...

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  • What is the difference between linear foot and square foot? - Ask.com

    To determine the number of square feet of an area or object, its height and width must ... What is the average cost per linear foot to build a retaining stone wall?

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