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  • Janka Rating (Hardness of Wood), Bamboo, Laminate, Hardwood ...

    We offer the Janka Rating to measure the harndess of wood for Bamboo, ... Denser floors have a higher density rating and are therefore harder to gouge or indent. .... An AC rating is applied to every line of laminate flooring by an independent...

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  • Laminate Wood Floor AC Rating | Hardness Scale - Floors By Valvano

    Laminates come in various wood floor ratings ranging from commercial to light use. Keep this scale in mind when you are looking for laminate flooring!

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  • How abuse-proof is your floor? - tribunedigital-chicagotribune

    Dec 10, 2011 ... The ideal floor would be hard like stone but resilient like wood, as impervious as ... The Janka scale measures how much force is needed in pounds per ... different, more subjective system called the AC (Abrasion Class) scale.

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  • Laminate Hardness - Ferma Flooring

    Hardwood Basics ... All laminate flooring submitted for rating will be tested for staining and impact as well as an examination of the effects of small burns. ... All FERMA laminate floors are AC compliant with ratings of AC 2 , AC 3 or AC4.

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  • What hardwood flooring is recommended for high traffic areas ...

    Feb 13, 2012 ... What is the best hardwood for my heavy use application? I don't ... it no matter what the hardness of the veneer or the AC rating of the floor are.

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  • Laminate Flooring / Floors FAQ - BuildDirect

    What is the difference between laminate flooring and hardwood flooring? ... What is the wear rating for your product? What is a laminate flooring AC rating? ..... A. AC hardness ratings are a standardized measure adopted by The Association of ...

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  • Laminate Flooring - AC Ratings Scale |

    Call 1-888-522-5456. How durable is your laminate flooring? Learn about the AC rating system, abrasion resistance, and how all this applies to your flooring...

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  • Laminate Flooring AC Rating - Drexel Building Supply

    Mar 16, 2015 ... It's not rated the same as hardwood. It incorporates tests that have nothing to do with hardness. The Janka Scale for hardwood, is strictly...

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  • Durability of Bamboo for Wood Flooring

    When you floor with hardwoods--hickory or walnut, for example, both high on the Janka hardness scale--you don't need to do anything to make the flooring...

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  • A Guide to Bamboo Flooring Hardness |

    This is a scale that is used to compare the hardness of wood flooring against each other. In order to perform this test, they drop a steel ball bearing on the floor ...

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