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  • Core Materials and Foam - Jamestown Distributors

    Items 1 - 11 of 11 ... Sandwich core construction offers high strength to weight ratios. Sandwich core construction uses lightweight cores with flexural modulus and...

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  • Tips for using 2 Part Urethane Foam - Jamestown Distributors

    Urethane foam is a commonly used 2 part expanding foam excellent for gap filling, insulating and flotation. It uses a simple 1:1 mix ratio. Uses for urethane foam...

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  • Polyurethane Flotation Foam - Jamestown Distributors

    Polyurethane flotation foam is a 2-part, void filling foam ideal for docks, boats and other marine applications.

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  • Marine Wood, Core Materials, Starboard - Jamestown Distributors

    Sandwich Core Composite Materials. Core Materials and Foam. Sandwich core construction offers high strength to weight ratios. Sandwich core construction...

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  • Core-Cell A500 Plain Foam Sheets - Jamestown Distributors

    Apr 9, 2013 ... Corecell A500 marine structural foam sheets from the boat building and repair experts since 1977.

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  • Jen Foam Brushes - Jamestown Distributors

    Foam Brushes for use with varnish, enamels, stains, latex, and oil paints. Not for use with shellac or lacquer. These foam brushes produce a great smooth finish...

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  • Divinycell Plain Sheet - Jamestown Distributors

    Plain Divinycell cross-linked PVC foam core. H80, 5 LB. density. Plain sheet, not contourable. Great for decks and flat areas of hull. 5 lb./cu. Ft. Divinycell is a...

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  • Evercoat Two Part Foam - Jamestown Distributors

    Evercoat Two Part Foam fills boat cavities, pontoons and floating dock blocks. Use Evercoat foam to make your own buoy markers. Just mix and pour this foam to...

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  • Soundown Composite Insulation Vinyl/Foam Sheets - Jamestown ...

    Soundown composite foam and vinyl insulation sheets effectively quiet and dampen noise created by engines, generators, and other equipment.

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  • Composites Overview Part I: Cores & Foams - YouTube

    Jul 10, 2008 ... Jamestown Distributors TV: Composites Overview Part I: Cores & Foams. This video focuses on various types of Core and Foam Composite...

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